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Film Studies Research Guide


Finding Articles -- Good Starting Places

If you need to find a handful of articles on film from respected journal and magazine sources, especially academic/scholarly journals, the databases listed below are excellent places to begin. 

Examples of searches:

Think About Search Terms

Several of the "article databases" to which we subscribe contain large numbers of references to reviews, essays, and other articles about particular movies.

  • If you are looking for information on a movie with a very distinctive title, that title probably is the only search term you need. Examples: "big lebowski" or "chimes at midnight"
  • However, if the title is not unique and/or it also might be the title of a book, you probably will need to refine your search by including some cinematic terms.   Example: crash AND (movie* OR film* OR motion OR cinema)

The asterisk in the above examples generates a search in most databases for various forms of a word (singular, plural, etc.).

If you want to search for a multi-word phrase, as in the Big Lebowski and Chimes at Midnight examples above, enclose the search terms within quotation marks.