University Library

Education Studies Resource Guide

U.S. Federal Government

These U.S. Department of Education is the first and best source of U.S. Government information, including laws and guidelines, data and reports, and news about education in the U.S. The U. S. National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) collects, analyzes, and reports on educational data. Direct links to major reports and surveys from the NCES are on the Education Data and Statistics tab of this guide.

U.S. Federal Government watchdog agencies are excellent sources for critiques of education and other public policy issues. The library's guide provides links to agencies such as the Congressional Research Service and the General Accountability Office. 

State Government Sites

Reliable sources for getting to authoritative information:

These sites contain links to all state government sites in the U.S.

Local Government Associations

Most of these sites are advocacy and research organizations serving professionals working in local government and all are excellent sources on state government and issues.   A Google-based search engine enables you to search the contents of all these sites.

Local Government Sites

These comprehensive sites contain links to local government sites in the U.S. 

More focused services.