1L Orientation - W&L Law Library

Programs & Events

The Law Library offers a variety of programs and special events throughout the year to enhance your law school experience and provide opportunities for learning and collaboration beyond the classroom. Find more information on any of the below programs, visit the Law Library's website.


Exam Study Breaks

The Law Library hosts informal social activities each semester, including study breaks during the reading days leading up to exams. We plan to continue the tradition this year to offer you a welcome escape and the energy to power through exam prep!




Legal Research Certification

Each year, the Law Library helps students prepare for their summer jobs with our Spring Into Summer Success Legal Research Certification program. Students who attend get focused information on research tools and strategies from our librarians and legal research instructors, as well as insights from a panel of attorneys about real-world legal research and professional best-practices in a variety of work environments. Completion of the program earns you a legal research certificate that can enhance your resume and help convey your research skills to employers.



It’s OK to be a SLACer in law school! The SLACers are members of the Student Library Advisory Committee, a diverse group of students across the 1L, 2L and 3L classes that confer with our librarians throughout the year. SLACers provide us with valuable feedback and advice that helps us improve the library experience for all students. Members are selected early in the fall semester of 1L year. If you’re interested in serving as a SLACer or want more info, visit the Law Library's SLACer webpage.