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Beginner/Introductory Research

If you are taking a First Year Seminar or BIOL 111, you are in the right place! Scroll down to see some accessible, user friendly resources to get you started on your research. Browsing the Journals and Magazine below will help you either find or narrow down a topic, while the Databases will help you really drill into your topic with scholarly information.

Journals and Magazines

These two journals are probably the best place to start. Either browse online or flip through the print copy in Telford Science Library. 

The following journals are a little more specialized in subject matter, but great to help you really narrow down your topic and discover new terminology.

Advanced Topics

Subject Specific

Cell Biology





Citation Styles

Zotero, offered either as a Firefox plug-in, Google Chrome connector, Safari connector, or a standalone desktop download, provides all the functions of a standard citation manager. It aids in data collection, organization, and collaboration.

This free, downloadable citation manager captures screen images and citation data from web pages, databases, and online catalogs.

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Zotero's standalone desktop citation manager is downloadable for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. 

New, free, mobile apps are also available for Zotero.