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Using Zotero in the Sciences

Zotero easily integrates with your word processor of choice ; but, some additional steps are required to ensure citations comply with scientific convention. For example, some scientific words must be italicized—such as Latin names of species.

If a title in your Zotero library contains a word/phrase that requires a particular style when included in a bibliography (when outputted from Zotero into your word processor), you must insert pre-designated HTML codes in Zotero.

Article Title:
Silk gene transcripts in the developing tubuliform glands of the Western black widow, Latrodectus hesperus

In the above example, to ensure that Latrodectus hesperus remains italicized when included as a citation or bibliographic entry, the title must be written as <i>Latrodectus hesperus</i> in your Zotero library.

See the full list of rich text formatting tags at www.zotero.org/support/kb/rich_text_bibliography.