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Connecting Zotero to W&L’s Holdings

To take advantage of Zotero’s Library Lookup function, you must add an openURL resolving link to your Zotero 6.0 client. Follow the below procedure:

  • Open the Zotero app (what lives on your computer).
  • If using a PC, select Edit on the top horizontal menu, then choose Preferences.
    If using a Mac, select Zotero on the top application menu, then choose Preferences (or it may be labelled Settings).
  • On the resulting popup box, click the Advanced tab.
  • Under the OpenURL section, copy and paste the following address into the Resolver field: https://wlu.primo.exlibrisgroup.com/discovery/openurl?institution=01WLU_INST&vid=01WLU_INST:01WLU&
  • Choose OK. If you do not have an OK button, simply close out of the Preferences window.

Downloading Additional Citation Styles

The Zotero client comes with several popular citation styles pre-installed, such as APA, Chicago and MLA.

If you need to use a style that does not come pre-loaded in Zotero, just…

  • Navitage to www.zotero.org/styles on the computer on which Zotero is installed.
  • Search for your desired style.
  • Select the style you want.