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Spanish Language and Literature Resource Guide

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About This Guide: Getting Help

Welcome to the library resource guide for topics related to Spanish Language and Literature.

Here you can find resources to help with research projects and general language learning! Browse the blue tabs to find information specific to many topics taught at W&L. Also, discover strategies for organizing/citing sources and identify ways to get help!


Using the Library Catalog to Find Materials in Spanish

The Library Catalog, accessible through the library's website at library.wlu.edu, serves as a portal to the books, ebooks, journals, and multimedia content.

To limit search results to only Spanish languages books:

  • look to the limiters/filters on the left side of the screen.
  • Under Language, check Spanish.
  • Click Apply Filters.

Discipline Specific Databases

These databases are likely to provide relevant resources on Spanish language and literature topics.If you aren't finding relevant resources, reach out to a librarian to find materials tailored to your needs.