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Fall 2018


This guide is designed to be help with research assignments in Professor Rush's Politics 105 course in the Fall 2020 term, particularly contemporary information on countries, regions, and political issues.

Group Project: United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


The class has been organized into four groups based on its rankings of the importance of the SDGs. In this project you will undertake several tasks.

Research Prospectus. After reviewing the UN sites on the SDGS (in the syllabus) and keeping in mind the challenges associated with pursuing even the most ethical policies (as discussed by Rosenthal and Doyle), the group should prepare a 10+ page (2,500 word) prospectus that gives an overview of

· the principal challenges that the SDG is meant to address;

· the challenges associated with pursuing it (conflict with other SDGs, state resistance, financing, etc.);

· criticisms/support for policies that the UN or nations have undertaken in pursuit of the SDG

This would serve as a guide to a sophisticated colleague who wishes to undertake research on the SDG. As part of the report, the group must assemble an annotated bibliography of at least 15 scholarly sources or reputable news sources. All group members must read and approve all items in the bibliography.

As part of the prospectus, you should include a case study of a nation or policy that demonstrates the challenges and successes associated with pursuing the SDG.

To undertake your research, please make an appointment with Mr. Jeff Barry in the library. He awaits your call.

Presentation: Each group will have a class day at the end of the term to give a presentation on the SDG and the case study. The group should submit several readings to Prof. M for the class to read for your presentation.