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Literature in Translation Resource Guide

Suggested Resources

About this Guide: Getting Help

This isn't an exhaustive list of resources, as research topics related to Literature in Translation vary and are often interdisciplinary! This guide serves as a starting point for your research—a place to find information about sources, services, & tools!

Also, browse resources related to topics regularly taught at W&L—like Food & Tea in Japan.

Using the Library Catalog


The Library Catalog, accessible through the library's website at library.wlu.edu, serves as a portal to the library's books, ebooks, journals, and multimedia content. It searches across and within much of the libraries holdings, spanning print materials and our databases. Because it searches so much, expect significantly more results than you would find in a topical, format, or discipline specific database.

To find only academic journal articles within the Library Catalog:

  1. Conduct your search as you would normally,
  2. Use the provided filters on the left side of the results screen (when on a computer) to limit by
    Availability = "Peer Reviewed Journals" and Material Type = "Articles."

Interlibrary Loan

The Library can't own or subscribe to every piece of research ever created...that's why we have interlibrary loan!

If you need to use an article or book not in the library's collection, place an interlibrary loan request. The University Library can borrow materials from libraries across the globe.