Bar Exam Resources

General Information


The Multistate Performance Test consists of one or two ninety-minute performance exercises. To see whether your jurisdiction administers the MPT, consult the website of the National Conference of Bar Examiners. Consult your jurisdiction's board of bar examiners website to determine whether one or two performance exercises are administered. 

Additional MPT information is available here.

A general overview of performance tests may be found here.

Content of the Exam

The MPT is designed to test the following skills:

  • problem solving
  • legal analysis and reasoning
  • factual analysis
  • communication
  • organization and management of a legal task
  • recognizing and resolving ethical dilemmas

More information about the skills tested, and sample test summaries, are available here.

A copy of the February 2013 MPT, complete with point sheets, may be found here.