Manage Your Online Presence

A guide for law students to manage online presence while preparing for a professional career

3L Checklist


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An added skill

What you know about web presence and privacy is now an added skill

  • Your understanding of online privacy and web presence is a new asset as attorneys begin working in the cloud and asking important questions about privacy and ethics.  
  • Creating and maintaining a professional online presence, including a e-portfolio, shows potential employers what you know.

Put your E-Portfolio to Work

  • Give potential employers more than a resume by including the URL to your e-portfolio on your application submissions.  
  • The options for content are endless.  Share a professional philosophy, showcase your best writing samples, include videos of your moot court participation.
  • Include an invitation to connect on LinkedIn or follow your professional Twitter feed or blog.
  • UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE!  Keep your content fresh and current.  Do not point potential employers to an e-portfolio with an outdated resume, an abandoned Twitter account or a blog with no recent posts.