Winter 2020

Does W&L Have This Article?

You can use an option on the library homepage entitled Journal Search to enter the title of the specific journal or magazine you are looking for. 

Be sure to take note of the limited years of coverage (if any) for each option.

Article Databases -- Specialized Scholarly

These databases specialize in locating articles in scholarly or academic journals and related sources.

Article Databases -- News Coverage

Here are databases which specialize in searching and providing texts of newpaper articles published from the 1990's to date.  (In some databases, earlier articles are also included.)

Direct Access to New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post

The W&L University Library does not maintain individual subscriptions to the contemporary digital content of any newspapers.

However, W&L researchers looking for the recent contents of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post may click on the links below to retrieve the text-only content of those newspapers within the Factiva database:

VERY IMPORTANT:  To search the contents of any of these search results, click on Factiva's "Modify Search" button, above and to the right of the initial list of results, and then add your search term(s) to the search box . 

Getting an Article's Text

In many cases, an entry in one of our databases will direct you to the complete text of an article.

But what do you do when the text is not immediately available?  How do you know if we have access to an article?



Serials Solutions 360 Link

This link, found in many databases, will take you to a page which will present your options, which may include (1) other databases, and/or (2) interlibrary loan.



Interlibrary Loan

This option enables W&L students and faculty to get copies of articles or other materials -- without charge -- from other libraries across the U.S.    Click here to begin.   (For more information, see this page.)



Does W&L Have This Magazine (or Journal or Newspaper)?

You usually can answer this question by searching our A-Z Journals List.