Spring 2019

Find Books at Washington and Lee

The library's Primo database, accessible through our homepage, can be used to find out what print and online books are available to W&L researchers.  Here are some suggestions.


If You Know a Book's Author or Title

Select Browse Search ( you may have to choose "Advanced Search" to see this) and then use the drop-down menu to:

  • Browse by Author -- enter author's last name, plus some or all of the first name.  For example:  books by Jamieson Kathleen.
  • Browse by Title -- enter the beginning of a book's title.  For example:  titles beginning Harry Potter and.


If You are Searching for Books on a Topic

Here are quick "automatic" searches of the library catalog for books relevant to this course's "Historical and Political Context Project" assignment:

  1. the pill as a legal right:  ("birth control OR contracept*) AND "united states" AND (law OR legal OR right*) AND pill
  2. Kennedy-Nixon election:  kennedy AND nixon AND (election* OR campaign)
  3. Cuban missile crisis:  "cuban missile crisis"
  4. civil rights movement/specific events:  (a)  "civil rights movement*" AND "united states"   (b)  Medgar Evers:  "medgar evers" OR "evers medgar"  (c) Birmingham church bombing:  birmingham AND church* AND bomb*   (d)  MLK assassination:  "king martin luther"
  5. women's rights:  ("women's rights" OR feminis*) AND "united states" AND 196*
  6. Stonewall riots:  stonewall AND riot*
  7. Vietnam War:  "vietnam war


Interlibrary Loan -- Books

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) enables current W&L undergraduate students, faculty, and staff to use other libraries' collections to borrow books or other printed materials and/or receive electronic copies of articles.

Fill out the form with as much information as you know about any book not in our collection.  Turnaround time for borrowing books (from request-to-arrival) usually is about a week, although that is not guaranteed.