Bar Exam Resources

General Resources

For a comparison of the relative difficulty levels of state bar exams, see this blog post.

A detailed PowerPoint presentation which reviews various state bar exams and bar passage requirements, as well as the MBE and MPRE, is available here.

A general overview of performance tests may be found here.

A guide to financial planning for your bar exam may be found here.


A series of informative videos are available on the law school YouTube channel:

  • A general introduction to, and overview of, bar exams, here.
  • BarBri, Kaplan, and Themis representatives discussing and describing their bar review programs, here.
  • A BarBri representative discusses how to succeed on the MBE, here.




The Law Library contains a special Bar Success Collection of resources to help you prepare for the bar exam. This collection is located on shelves at the rear of the Third Floor Reading Room (near the Law Media office).

Below is a sample of some of the titles included in the Bar Success Collection: