Bar Exam Resources

General Application Information

The application deadline for the JULY 2017 California bar exam is APRIL 1, 2017. Late filings are accepted until June 15, 2017. More information is available here.

The exam will be administered JULY 25-26, 2016.

For general information about the California Bar Exam, please see the website of the California State Bar.

Information about the moral character evaluation may be found here


Content and Scoring of the Exam

The California Bar Examination consists of:

  • six essay questions
  • two performance tests
  • the Multistate Bar Exam

"MBE scores are reported on a scale ranging from 0 to 2000 points. On the written section of the examination, applicants are graded initially on a basis of 1000 possible points: 100 points for each of the six essay questions and 200 points for each of the two performance tests. The scores obtained on the written section of the examination are then translated to the 2000-point MBE scale. An applicant's total score is the scale MBE score (on the 2000-point scale) multiplied by .35 plus the converted score on the written section multiplied by .65. Scaling ensures the two portions of the examination carry the relative weights assigned to them: written (65%) and MBE (35%)."

Further general details may be found here, and a detailed list of tested subject areas may be found here.



Recent California Bar Exams

Previous exam questions and "selected answers" are available from the website of the California State Bar.