Winter 2020

Article Databases -- Law Reviews and Other Law Journals

Article Databases -- Specialized Scholarly

These databases specialize in locating articles in scholarly or academic journals and related sources.

Finding Articles -- Another Approach

A prominent new-ish entry on the library's homepage is a database called Primo, which contains a lot of links to articles and other materials, but it does not focus on politics, social science, or law journals. 

Other databases listed above, such as SocIndex, are more useful for focusing on social science journals, and there are several specialized law-related databases.

Getting an Article's Text

In many cases, an entry in one of our databases will direct you to the complete text of an article.

But what do you do when the text is not immediately available?  How do you know if we have access to an article?



Serials Solutions 360 Link

This link, found in many databases, will take you to a page which will present your options, which may include (1) other databases, and/or (2) interlibrary loan.



Interlibrary Loan

This option enables W&L students and faculty to get copies of articles or other materials -- without charge -- from other libraries across the U.S.    Click here to begin.   (For more information, see this page.)



Does W&L Have This Magazine (or Journal or Newspaper)?

You usually can answer this question by searching our A-Z Journals List.