Winter 2020

Does W&L Have This Article?

If you want to know if W&L has access to a particular journal article, you can use the Journal Search option the library homepage.  Enter the title of the journal or magazine you are looking for. 

Be sure to take note of the limited years of coverage (if any) for each option.

Combined Search for This Class

Article databases which should be useful for research in this class are listed in the box beneath this one.

However, to make this remote-access process simpler, you have access to a combined search of all these databases, already focused on the project's subject matter.  Click on this link:

This will generate a list of 29,000+ citations on the above topic, with a results screen looking like the image below.  What you need to do next is narrow the search to the geographical region or cultural group you are researching.  Do this by entering your term(s) .on the second search line, the one with the yellow streak in the image below.

Example: enter the word oaxaca on the second search line,  And then click the "Search" button"

A suggestion:  Place an asterisk (*) at the end of the name of the region/group, in order to search for all forms of that word.  Example:  harappa*

Important note:  Not all articles will be available to us at W&L.  Sometimes, clicking on the "Find the Full Text" button beneath the citation will take you to a source for the articl.  Sometimes it will not.  If you have a question, please e-mail Professor Grefe.

Article Databases -- Specialized Scholarly