Fall 2020: Library Access, Services, and Instruction

Information about how the library can support faculty, students, and staff in virtual, hybrid, and in-person environments.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

All in-building users must follow W&L's Statement of Community Expectations.

While in Leyburn and Telford, masks must be worn at ALL times in ALL spaces including restrooms, locked studies, and study rooms ​except for quick snacks ​or sips of beverages.

Full meals should not be eaten in Leyburn or Telford.

All restrooms in Leyburn and Telford are limited to single user capacity. All elevators are limited to 2 person capacity. 

Returned materials will undergo a 7 day quarantine period before becoming available for checkout based on the latest research from the REALM Project.

Washington and Lee University Library

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University Library
204 West Washington Street,
Lexington, VA 24450

Material Access for Remote Students

The library will ship a limited number of physical books within its collection to students studying remotely. To request a book shipment, email library@wlu.edu and note your desired titles, the book call numbers, and your physical shipping address.


The library will NOT check out carrels during Fall Term 2020.

Carrels can be used temporarily by individuals. Personal materials should be removed upon departure.

Locked Studies

A reduced amount of locked studies will be available during 2020/21. Twenty locked studies will be available for single person use use for the whole year.

Locked Study applications are due on the first day classes each fall term. Notification of study assignments will begin during the second full week of classes in the fall term. Those receiving assignments will be notified via e-mail. Interested individuals must fill out the locked study application form.

Research Help

Schedule a virtual research consultation with a librarian. Review the library directory to find a librarian who specializes in your topic of interest.

On demand chat research support is available at library.wlu.edu. This service is operated by W&L librarians and trained student staff.

COVID-19 Adaptations

To further decrease the potential spread of COVID-19, the library will no longer check out chargers, headphones, or calculators. Select academic technology items will still be check-out-able through Leyburn's Information Desk on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Staplers and office supplies will not be available.

Returning Checked Out Materials

  • If not returning to Lexington for Fall Term 2020, keep checked out Leyburn and Telford materials until you arrive in Lexington.

  • If you are currently on campus, but in quarantine, please do not worry about item due dates. Return checked out Leyburn and Telford materials once you have been cleared to visit academic buildings again.  Any resulting fines will be removed.

  • For those who cannot return their books before May 2021, please contact Elizabeth Teaff to discuss methods of return.

Study Spaces in Leyburn & Telford

Undergraduates will be able to use rooms in Leyburn and Telford Science libraries, but not reserve them in the university's 25Live room reservation software. The following spaces can be used by students on a first-come first-serve basis:

Leyburn Library

  • Main Level: rooms M40, M41, M42 & M47 (if there is not a class)
  • LL1: rooms 102 & 103 (fall term only - until CARPE construction starts) & Northen (if there is not a class)
  • LL2: room 201 (evenings only due to CARPE construction)
  • LL3: room 324
  • LL4: rooms 422 & 425

Telford Science Library

  • 4th Floor: rooms 402 A, 402 B, 402 C

NOTE: If undergraduates need to book spaces for interviews or for graduate school exams contact Career Development: careers@wlu.edu

Study Spaces in Non-Library Buildings

Here is a list of non-library spaces that can used by students, on a first-come first-serve basis, for Zoom classes:

Campus Building Room Number(s)
Chavis 105 & 302
Early-Fielding 108, 200, & 205
Huntley 324
Mattingly 101
Newcomb 120, 304, & 310
Reid 211
Center for Global Learning 201
Science Addition G16
Tucker 024
Wilson 2010
Elrod Commons 114, 214, 206, 216 (Chavis Board Room), & 345

Exterior Study Spaces with Strong WiFi

Looking for strong WiFi? Try these campus locations:

Inside & Outdoors

  • Baker Hall
  • Center for Global Learning
  • Davis Hall
  • Fieldside Dinning
  • Graham-Lees Residence Hall
  • Leyburn Library
  • Science Center


  • Cohen Family Amphitheater (between Leyburn Library & Elrod Commons)
  • Dell Outdoor Classroom (behind Leyburn Library)
  • Outdoor Pavilion
  • Outside Northen Auditorium (between Leyburn Library & Science Center)
  • Smith Baseball Field
  • Wilson Field

Law Library Access

Undergraduates will not have law library access for fall term. Please request law books by emailing titles and call numbers to  library@wlu.edu.

Content in guide is subject to change.