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Library Search & Electronic Resource Troubleshooting @ W&L: Library Database Technical Help

Quick Tips

Having trouble accessing electronic resources (books, articles, streaming)...?

  1. Make sure you are taking an authenticated route to library resources. Use the Library Catalog, or the A-Z Database list to access the library's electronic materials. If you are off-campus, you will be prompted to log-in with your W&L username and password. 
  2. Check the outage alerts on this page (to the right in the box labeled 'Library Notices & Alerts'). Before troubleshooting, be sure that the problem isn't on the provider's end due to an outage or scheduled maintenance. 
  3. If these steps do not resolve your problem. See the tabs below to troubleshoot.

Library Database Notices & Alerts



Users may receive the following message when attempting to access library resources remotely: 

Your connection is not private
Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more

Please clear your cache and restart your browser. This should clear the error and allow you to access the material. If you continue to experience access issues, please contact us.



Basic Troubleshooting Tips

1. Clear your browser's cache. If you are unsure how to do this please consult W&L ITS or Wikihow (you will need to choose your appropriate browser to follow the steps). **This step resolves most problems. 

2. Try another browser. Google Chrome and Firefox work best with the library's website and databases. If you are using Internet Explorer, Safari or another web browser, consider downloading Chrome or Firefox. 

3. Make sure your browser up to date. Instructions for browser updates can be found here.

4Enable Cookies. Instructions for enabling cookies can be found here.

5. Turn off the pop-up blocker. Instructions for turning off pop-up blocker can be found here.

6. Reset security level. Instructions for configuration and reset can be found here. 

7.  Allow the library or library databases as trusted sites.  Instructions can be found here.


Database Compatibility

The majority of databases in the library are designed to work with a variety of browsers and devices. There are times when you may experience persistent problems with a particular database. If you do, take the time to determine if your browser is compatible with the database site. Browser specifications for popular databases are below: 

For other databases, you can usually find the browser specifications or requirements in the Help or Support section of the database. 

Library Search

Library Search (also known as Primo) is tested against a variety of browsers. Here are the browser requirements.


Depending on the type of resource you want to view (eBook, article, streaming etc...) you may need to download the latest version of one of the following programs, which are all freely available. 


We recognize that the troubleshooting steps provided may not resolve your problem, or you may want further clarification.

To report a problem please contact us.

To expedite your request and to better serve you, please include the following details: 

  • Your Name 
  • Identify whether you are faculty/student/staff
  • Identify whether you are on/off-campus
  • Identify your operating system/browser
  • Describe your access issue (include screenshots if possible)