Winter 2020

Political Science Review and Analysis Assignment

Select a weekly topic and choose two scientific articles about that political institution or behavior.  One must cite the other and one must be from:

  • American Political Science Review
  • American Journal of Political Science
  • Journal of Politics
  • Political Science Quarterly

The JSTOR database includes all of these journals, albeit not the most recent years of each.  You can browse or search the contents of all four of these journals by going to this list of 200+ political science journals:  JSTOR political science journals


If you prefer to start by searching the most recent volumes of these journals, you can start here:

Scholarly Analysis Project -- Sources

Here are recommended resources for the Scholarly Analysis Project, listed in order approximating the order of possible topics in the course syllabus.


Presidential Inaugural Addresses  (University of California - Santa Barbara)

World Constitutions Illustrated  (HeinOnline; W&L subscription)

Compilation of Presidential Documents  (White House Press Secretary)

Public Opinion Surveys  (sources available via W&L library)

Academic Search Complete  (for blend of articles from newspapers; magazines, and journals; W&L subscription)

"Professional" News Sources on American Politics  (along with other Mock Convention research resources)

National Political Party Platforms  (University of California - Santa Barbara)

Congress.gov  (offical website of U.S. Congress)

ProQuest Congressional  (recommend: "Legislative Insight" and "Congressional Research Service Reports"; W&L subscription)

OpenSecrets.org  ("Interest Groups" section; Center for Responsive Politics)

Vote Smart

News Sources on American Politics

This list has evolved over many years of W&L courses and research and was most recently enhanced for the Congress and the Legislative Process course, taught by Brian Alexander.  Professor Alexander's discussion of these sources is available:

Daily Essentials

Focus on Congress

More Excellence