Constitution Day 2013


This guide originally was created for Washington and Lee University's 2013 Constitution Day observance.

 It is intended to help informed students identify and use some of the most important resources associated with study of the U.S. Constitution.


Table of Contents

  • Reference Works and Other Books
    Respected overview of the subject area and a list of recommended books.
  • The Founders' Constitution
    Which writings likely influenced the authors of the Constitution?   What did these Founders write?
  • Convention and Amendments
    The 1787 Constitutional Convention spawned much discussion and resulted in document amended and critiqued for over 200 years. 
  • Continuing Education
    Select organizations and Web sites providing ongoing education about the Constitution.

Washington and Lee students who wish to delve more deeply into research on Constitutional issues are invited to make use of the research guide for Professor Bill Connelly's James Madison seminar, particularly the "Find Books" and "Find Articles" pages.