Plagiarism and Citation Styles

Setting Up Zotero

Zotero is a free downloadable citation manager that easily grabs information from the web. Zotero allows users to save, organize and share references. You can also insert properly formatted citations directly into documents using Zotero's Word add-in.

Basic Zotero Setup

To get started with Zotero, complete the following 3 steps:
  1. Register for a free Zotero account.
  2. Download Zotero 6.0 AND a Zotero browser connector. This short tutorial shows how to download Zotero 6.0 and the Zotero Connector. 
  3. Set up Sync.
    • Open your Zotero client.
    • If using a PC, select Edit on the top horizontal menu, then choose Preferences. If using a Mac, select Zotero on the top application menu, then choose Preferences.
    • Select Sync in the top horizontal toolbar.
    • Input your Zotero username and password (what you created on

Integrating Zotero with Word Processors

Zotero is capable of integrating with Word, LibreOffice and Google Docs. Zotero's Word Plugin should install automatically when you download Zotero 6.0. Once the the Zotero client is installed, a Zotero tab should appear within Word.