Yolanda Merrill

Humanities and Reference Librarian, Assoc. Prof.

Digital Humanities

Jennifer L. Adams and Kevin B. Gunn. "Digital Humanities: Where to Start." College & Research Libraries News 73, no. 9 (October 2012): 536-569

 This is the first paragraph of the article:

"Sixty years ago, the field called “humanities computing” made its debut with the
appearance of Father Roberto Busa’s Index Thomisticus, a computer-compiled concordance
to the works of Thomas Aquinas. This application of technology to a task which
would have taken researchers years to complete manually opened the door for a new
approach to humanities research. Other disciplines would follow in the Index’s footsteps,
producing similarly innovative projects such as the Perseus Digital Library. As the possibilities
offered by the new technologies, and researchers’ ability to use them, expanded,
humanities computing grew far beyond its humble origins. Today, “humanities computing”
is often referred to as “digital humanities” (DH). DH evolved from, and expanded, this
early scholarship."

Click HERE to read entire article. It provides valuable internet resources in a variety of categories related to Digital Humanities scholarship.


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