German Language & Literature Resource Guide

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Finding German Literature and Literature in Translation

Looking for German literature or literature in translation? Here are some tips:

If you are looking for an actual literary work, not commentary/criticism on that work, try using the Library Catalog's Advanced Search screen and search by the title and the author. You can also limit by language, if you are looking specifically for the original work or the translated form. Finally, you can limit by item type, if you only want a book and not a cinematic interpretation of the work.


Advance search screen with limitations set for author, title, item type, and language

Finding German Language and Literature on the Shelves

The University Library employs the Library of Congress [LOC] Classification System to organize our physical materials (except government documents).

Materials relating to German Literature are classified under "PT." See breakdown of classification system for language and literature.

PT books are located on Leyburn's Lower Level 4.

Online Reference Resources for German Literature