History 207 / ARTS 222: Paris: History, Image, Myth

Prof. Horowitz & Prof. Bowden

Search Primo

Look for books, articles, and other information types using Primo. Primo, which is the main search box on the University Library's webpage, is basically the "Googlization" of the library's holdings. It allows you to search most of the materials the library subscribes to or owns in one portal.

*Important: You will likely receive a lot of search results when using Primo because it searches across so much content! Remember to use the limiting features on the right side of the results screen to create more tailored, and manageable, result lists.

WorldCat and Interlibrary Loan

Don't limit yourself to materials the library owns or subscribes to! WorldCat.org is basically a giant catalog of the world's libraries. Search WorldCat, see what sources are available on your topic, and check to see if the library owns them. If the library doesn't have the material you want, use interlibrary loan!