MUSIC 232: Romantic Music

Searching for Books

Use the library's single search box to discover books within the library's collection. Just select the limiter "Books only."

Want a book the library's doesn't have? Place an interlibrary loan request.

Finding a Book in the "Stacks"

Found a physical book with the location "Stacks"?

Just look at the provided call number to figure out it's location.

Books in Leyburn Library are organized by floor according to the following call number ranges:

  • Lower Level 2: PR-PT & TR-Z
  • Lower Level 3: HF-PQ
  • Lower Level 4: A-HE
Most books about music will be classified in "M" call numbers. "M" call numbers are on Leyburn Library's Lower Level 3.

Understanding Call Numbers

Most US college and university libraries use the Library of Congress call number system.

Here is a, somewhat simplified, way to read these call numbers.

"Dogs: The ultimate dictionary of over 1000 dog breeds," SF 426 .M67 2002

  • SF =  Apply normal alphabetical order. "S" comes before "SF" which comes before "SK"
  • 426 = Read as a whole number. 5 comes before 10 which comes before 200
  • .M67 = Apply normal alphabetic order to letter. Then, read number as a decimal. .111 comes before .22 which comes before .3
  • 2002 = If present, this number represents date of publication.