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What is Artstor?

The Artstor Digital Library provides straightforward access to curated images from reliable sources that have been rights-cleared for use in education and research — you are free to use them in classroom instruction and handouts, presentations, student assignments, and other noncommercial educational and scholarly activities.

And unlike results from Google or other search engines, our images come with high-quality metadata from the collection catalogers, curators, institutions, and artists themselves. —Artstor

Getting to Artstor:

Click the link below to enter Artstor through the library's subscription. To access full features of Artstor login, you must have a registered user account. If you have previously created a personal Jstor account, that username and password will also work for Artstor.

Register for an Account

After accessing Artstor through the library's provided link, click the "Register" link located at the top right corner of the screen.

Fill out the resulting form and click "Register."

You will use this username/password to access Artstor's advanced features (image downloading, group creation, etc. now and in the future).