University Library Emergency Plan

About the Emergency Plan


Originally Created by the Lexington Area Conservation Cooperative


A Project Funded by a 1989 Title III LSCA Grant


Last update: March 2015 by Yolanda Merrill



This could be us..... and therefore

All staff and student employees in the University Library need to be familiar with the following:

  • emergency numbers list
  • fire extinguisher use and locations
  • location of recovery supplies
  • evacuation procedures

A disaster in a library may occur at any time. For this very reason it is necessary for a library to have a plan which will describe what to do in a particular emergency, whom to contact, and how to recover from that disaster. Hard copies of the Emergency Plan are in the Leyburn Library administrative office; at the Information Desk; in the Collection Services area; at Telford Science Library; at Facilities Management; and at Security.

This Emergency Plan will be revised and updated once a year. After each revision and update, the plan will be circulated to the entire staff so that everyone can re-familiarize him/herself with its contents and note any changes.