EDUCATION 200: FOUNDATIONS OF EDUCATION (Professors Sigler and Moffa)

Fall 2016


This guide is designed to be help with research assignments in the Fall 2016 EDUC 200 course -- specifically to identify appropriate scholarly and professional sources and techniques for a research paper -- and can be used in connection with other W&L EDUC courses.

Questions about this guide or this course's research can be directed to Senior Reference Librarian Dick Grefe.

Table of Contents

  • Reference Sources
    Academic encyclopedias and similar sources recommended for topic overviews and explanations.
  • Find Books
    Books at W&L and elsewhere.
  • Find Articles
    Recommended databases for finding journal articles and other appropriate in-depth resources.
  • Government
    Information from governments -- U.S. Federal, state, local.
  • Citation Styles and Plagiarism
    Guides to citing your research sources. Help with avoiding plagiarism.
  • Help
    Have questions? We will be glad to help.