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Welcome to the research guide for Classics. You can explore the site through the menu on left. This site is updated by Alston Cobourn, Digital Scholarship Librarian.

Writing a Classics Paper

One of the most common concerns for a writer in the Classics is the perceived inability to be able to create anything that is fresh, new, or original. This fear can haunt writers paper after paper. They ask themselves unanswerable and unfair questions: "Can I ever do enough research to know that this is new? How do I know that there isn't some 50 year-old article written in German about this exact same topic?" (from the U of Richmond)


Writing Assistance

W&L students have access to tutorial assistance with their writing from two services on campus.

  • Writing Center    Peer tutors offer "individual tutorial assistance to students on any college writing task, from papers and lab reports in any stage of completion to resumes and application essays."   Located on the Main Floor of Leyburn Library.