Rooms Available for Reservation

Make a ROOM RESERVATION in the University Library

Reserve a Room in the University Library

General Policies

Room Reservation Policies

  • Reservations must be made for dates and times that University Library is open. If the library is closed our rooms may not be used
  • For questions about room reservations contact
  • In the event of a scheduling conflict, we will make every attempt to accommodate both parties, although academic classes and exams take priority over other events 
  • Please limit your reservations to 4 hours
  • If a reservation is not claimed within the first 30 minutes, it may be considered cancelled. Anyone may use the room at that point

Additional Policies for Groups not affiliated with W&L

  • Please contact before making reservations
  • Non-W&L groups may be asked to show proof of liability insurance
  • Reservations limited to one reservation per month
  • No outside food allowed 
  • Existing furniture must not be moved
  • Academic classes and/or exams take priority over other events
  • Room reservations may be cancelled at the last moment to accommodate academic activities

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Request Audio/Visual Equipment

To request audio/visual equipment call ITS at (540) 458-4357 or request online.

Furniture Set-up

For furniture set-up requests call Facilities at 540.458.8490

Request that Facilities “break-down” the room after your event. Add one hour to the start and end time of your reservation to accommodate this process.

For Northen Auditorium, it is the responsibility of the group making the reservation to have furniture returned to "Admissions style" seating at the conclusion of the event. View available furniture set-ups for Northen.