What is Plagiarism?

The resources on this W&L site should be considered reliable sources of advice about what constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid it.

Plagiarism is described in the W&L 2017-18 Catalog, and cited by the Student Executive Committee, as "the use of another's words, figures, or ideas without proper ackowledgement."

W&L's Executive Committee of the Student Body offers this statement on plagiarism.   More detailed advice and examples are provided in the EC's Plagiarism Pamphlet.

Advice from Other Institutions

These respected academic sites have been selected for the quality of their advice and its relevance to W&L culture.  Some policies and standards differ from W&L.

Books on Plagiarism

Here is a list of books from the W&L library catalog about plagiarism.   Many aspects of plagiarism are covered -- ethics, history, literary uses, and more.