University Library Emergency Plan

Library Systems (Recovery)

Summon Discovery Layer (Proquest)

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The Library Catalog

Serves both the University and Law Libraries.  We purchased it from Innovative Interfaces in 1991 as a “turnkey” system.  We pay Innovative a yearly software and hardware maintenance fee.  The catalog contains MARC cataloging records along with circulation, acquisitions, and check-in information that we enter locally.  The catalog’s server has been housed in the server room at Tucker Hall since the summer of 2008. In October 2009 we installed Innovative’s Enterprise Backup API product.  This allows full backups of the catalog to be performed on a daily basis over the network by ITS rather than doing backups via tape.  This takes the responsibility for Annie system backups out of the hands of the library staff and Innovative and places it in the hands of  the ITS staff.   Annie is backed up 7 days a week over a secure medium that is regularly archived by ITS.  Datasafe in Roanoke is the company used by ITS for off-site storage.   (Contacts: Jason Mickel, Jef McCreery)

Innovative Interfaces has a standard group escrow agreement with Iron Mountain, and Washington and Lee University is signed up as a beneficiary, with annual renewal paid by the university.  This arrangement, optional for the university,  entitles the university to the source code of the Millennium system in the event anything outlined in the agreement arises – primarily bankruptcy or going out of business. (Contact: Carol Blair)


Vital data on Illiad includes the Microsoft SQL databases used by the Illiad ILL system, as well as the customized web interface pages.  This data is backed up via automated process to a centrally-accessible directory, from which it is backed up to tape by university computing.  The primary contact within UC for this is Jef McCreery, Systems Analyst.   (Contacts: Jason Mickel; Elizabeth Teaff; Pat Harris)

MlibHogan 1

Vital data on this server includes the entirety of the library website and the MySQL databases for various applications that run on the box.  These are backed up via automated process to a central directory, and from there are also backed up to tape over the network. Everyone working on this box is expected to have their own personal backups of any work they are doing.  (Contacts: Jason Mickel; Jef McCreery)

All servers are housed in ITS.