University Library Emergency Plan

Reponse Evacuation Team Leyburn Library

The building needs to be evacuated only in case of major water damage and when structural damage can be expected. The decision to evacuate should be made by the head of the library, the team will organize the evacuation. The head of the team should coordinate all activities related to the evacuation, including notification of police and/or fire departments, and supervision of other key evacuation personnel. During evacuation, elevators should not be used.

Evacuation team reports to Control Center (Stemmons Plaza) after going to area responsible.

When an evacuation is necessary during regular business hours, the following staff are responsible to evacuate these areas:

Laura Hewett

Elizabeth Teaff

Stay at Information desk (call Security at 8999)

Montrose Grandberry

John Tombarge

Main floor 

Judi Rhodes

John White

Media Area & Innovation Lab 

Alston Cobourn

Seth Goodhart

Level 1  

Tom Camden

Lisa McCown

Special Collections and Boatwright Room 

Mackenzie Brooks

Brandon Walsh

Level 2 

Dick Grefe

Carol Blair

Level 3 

Jeff Barry

Tony Murray

Level 4

Mary Abdoney

Wanda Swartz

Science Library


Remember: Don’t use the elevators during emergencies. If possible, make people exit the building from the floor you are responsible for. Otherwise, point them to the staircases.


Remember: Don’t try to extinguish the fire while evacuating the building. The fire department is on its way.


The Evacuation Team should report back to the Control Center at Stemmons Plaza after they have cleared their area.