University Library Emergency Plan

Recovery Supplies

Following is a list of supplies, most of which will be in-house supplies, except for large items such as dehumidifiers. This list should be checked once a year. For additional supplies, contact Montrose Grandberry at x8642.




Emergency Supplies Closet Cupboard # 8 outside University Librarian suite
Library Supplies Closet   Cupboard #2 and #6 outside University Librarian suite
Janitorial Room

Lower Level 1 -- mailroom area


Item Locations

batteries Library Supplies Closet
book trucks

Hallway leading to Mailroom; Collection Services; Information Desk


Janitorial Room
buckets Janitorial Room
cardboard cartons Collection Services; Mailroom
chemical light sticks Facilities Management
cleaning compound Janitorial Room
crowbar Facilities Management
dehumidifiers Facilities Management
disinfectant Janitorial Room
duct tape Emergency Supplies Closet
extension cords Library Supplies Closet
3-wire, grounded, 50’ extension cords   Janitorial Room
fans Facilities Management
first aid kits Information Desk, Infirmary (8401)
flashlights Library Departments
freezer paper Emergency Supplies Closet
generator, portable Facilities Management
hammer and nails Facilities Management
hand saw Facilities Management
hoses, water Facilities Management
hygrometers Facilities Management
incandescent work lights Facilities Management
ladders Facilities Management
mops Janitorial Room
paper towels Janitorial Room; Staff Lounge Closet
pens/pencils Library Supplies Closet
plastic garbage bags Janitorial Room; Emergency Supplies Closet
plastic milk crates Facilities Management
plastic sheeting Emergency Supplies Closet
plywood Facilities Management
protective masks, gloves, clothing Facilities Management, Special Collections- masks
scissors Library Supplies Closet
shovel Facilities Management
tape, packing paper Mailroom
two-way radios Facilities Management
water vacuums Facilities Management
waxed paper Emergency Supplies Closet





Services and Consultants

Following is a list of types of services and consultants which may be needed as a part of recovery from a fire or water disaster. The list should be checked once a year for accurate names and telephone numbers.

Freezer Space

(On Campus) Director of W&L Auxiliary Services


(Off Campus) Library of Virginia

Director, Records Management Services


Freeze Drying and Fumigation

Document Reprocessors

Middlesex, NY 14507


Fax: 585-554-4114

Fumigation Wrights Extermination Service

2937 Richard Ave. NE

Roanoke, VA


T.W. Clark Local Pest Control

2468 N. Lee Highway

Lexington, VA 24450


Janitorial Services

American Janitorial Service

5120 Peter's Creek Road

Roanoke, VA 24019


Servicemaster Clean of Lexington

521 South Main St.

Lexington, VA 24450



Lee-Hi Trucking

2516 N. Lee Highway

Lexington, VA 24450


Penske Truck Rental

101 Memorial Ln

Lexington, VA 24450


Dennis Engleman

Uhaul-Texaco Station

East Lexington, HWY 11 N


Moisture Control       

Munters Corp. - Moisture Control Services

540 Woodlake Circle, Ste. C.

Chesapeake, Va 23320


General Recovery

Tom Head


303 Arthur Street

Fort Worth, TX 76107


Fax: 817-332-6728 

John Hall or Keith Holland

Holland General Contractors

80 Forge Road

Lexington, VA 24450



LYRASIS Preservation Services.  [We are a member of this library network]


Northeast Document Conservation Center

100 Brickstone Square

Andover, MA 01810

Phone: 978-470-1010        

Fax: 978-475-6021

Preservation Officer University of Virginia

Alderman Library

Charlottesville, VA 22903