Current Exhibits in Leyburn Library

Current Exhibits

Sacred to the Memory: Artistic Photographs of the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery

Artistic photographs by Jan Tratnik of the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery in Lexington. Created in 2013, Tratnik donated this collection of 25 images to the University Library.




Permanent. Lower Level 1 Stacks

25 Years of Women at W&L: "Female Images from the Early Calyxes"

Calyx 1950Come and see wonderful illustrations of women through the eyes of Washington and Lee's student yearbook, The Calyx.


Lower Lobby, outside Special Collections


120 Years of Student Handbooks

Have you ever seen a Students' Hand Book from 1891? It is a little pocketbook that the gentlemen students could carry in their jacket.

Full of information about life on and off campus and filled with lovely advertisements. A number of handbooks are on display.



Main Floor, by the Current Periodicals







Curated by Yolanda Merrill

Library Posters by Lance Hidy

Posters by graphic artist Lance Hidy. Includes the artist's poster designed for the dedication of Leyburn Library in 1994.






Main Floor - Book Nook back wall. Permanent exhibit.

Gift of Barbara Brown, former University Librarian



Landscape Photography by Lloyd Goad

Large size photographs by Lloyd Goad, W&L's Technology Support Specialist for the Williams School.




Computer Lab, Level 1 stacks

On loan by the artist






Screen Prints by Robert Indiana

Six large format prints signed by the artist and dedicated "for Lowell".

The screen prints were donated to the university by artist Lowell Nesbitt.





On permanent display. Seminar Room 103, Level 1 stack area

On loan from University Collections of Art and History (W&L)





Beyond Text and Image: The Book as Art (online)

Images from the exhibit "Beyond Text and Image: The Book as Art", curated by Yolanda Merrill in Staniar Gallery, W&L, in Spring 2010.


Watch the online exhibit by clicking here.


Antique Scientific Instruments at Washington and Lee








Antique Scientific Instruments from the University Collection.  This exhibit was on display in 2012. The online exhibit shows all instruments in great detail, and each instrument is accompanied by a description of its use.

Link to online exhibit of these instruments .

Curated by Yolanda Merrill